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For over a decade, owner Elise has worked in the music industry. Six of those years were spent with rapper, artist, and producer, Mac Miller as his Tour Manager. During that time, she had a chance to see the world and work with some of the best artists in the country. As a tour manager, she learned the value of creating community and a sense of home around "a good meal and a stiff drink" wherever you are.

In 2016, Elise received a call from the production manager at the Lyric Theater in Baltimore, asking for assistance in elevating the backstage experience for their artist clients. Along with partner Saeed, they launched Ashling Market and Catering, built on their 'dream' and 'vision'. They quickly developed a reputation for superior hospitality, thoughtful attention to detail, and food that was diverse and familiar, sophisticated, and accessible. 

Today the kitchen continues to serve top entertainment artists in various venues throughout the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. We are particularly excited to give you the star treatment today. 

Welcome to the Ashling Kitchen & Bar family!


The Food

At Ashling, we believe food provides us all with a sense of home and community. Whether it's around the dinner table with family, enjoying a winning season with friends, or celebrating at a private event — we want to provide food that is the foundation for you to experience life's moments. We excel at bringing diverse and international flavors to accessible and familiar American cuisine. 

Join us in the restaurant for happy hour or your family meal, or let us craft a catering event that is perfect for you and your guests. Either way, our priority is delivering delicious dishes, crafted from high-quality, sustainable ingredients, served with warm hospitality.


The Team

At the heart of Ashling is our people. We are proud to have the leadership team come from various skillsets and training to create perfect harmony. Our backgrounds include work in the music industry, small business ownership, hospitality management, fine dining, and non-profit culinary training programs. Ashling is able to bring an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to our food and overall event experiences that continue to drive great achievements and success. To the core of who we are and what we have done is our ability as a team to share in the love and passion of investing in our community. Join us in our efforts to support school supply drives, and on the job training opportunities for men and women in addiction recovery.

The Ashling Experience

At Ashling, we pride ourselves on creating an environment that will never take any shortcuts in providing a top-tier guest experience. We bring our unique background from the music industry to both our restaurant and custom events. Regardless if Ashling is catering your event, feeding you in the restaurant, or managing the food and beverage for a venue big or small, the goal will always remain the same — deliver exceptional food and drinks, coupled with impeccable service while maintaining attention to every detail to create the perfect experience. Now you know a little about who we are, allow us to craft your 'Ashling' experience. Contact us to create your next great party menu. See you at the restaurant!

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