How to get dinner on us

Here's the 3 steps to getting dinner + a cocktail on us!

Ashling Kitchen & Bar
Step 1

Come by and grab a boarding pass to start redeeming cost saving rewards. This is exclusive to our ATW Specials! 

Ashling Kitchen & Bar
Step 2

Collect stamps and rewards like 10% off your meal. Get a $20 Gift Card. Redeem a free bottle of wine, and so much more each time you purchase an ATW entree. The more stamps the higher the rewards!

Ashling Kitchen & Bar
Step 3

Enjoy dinner and a cocktail on us after you've collected all the stamps plus rewards on your boarding pass! This is a $130 Value with all the rewards you'll be collecting ! All you have to do is make a reservation and grab a boarding pass!


If you haven't heard about "ATW" short for our "Around the World Specials" then you're really missing out! We visit a different country each month giving you traditional dishes from all over the world right from the comfort of our restaurant. Giving you an experience that is culturally rich and delicious.